Mowgli and Eileen

Leading up to Mowgli & Eileen’s B2B set at the Red Bull x Bound45 event held at Brutus, the Bound45 crew interviewed both artists for their Behind the decks series.

Synths and boogies are uniting Eileen and Mowgli. Their musical journeys did however kick off in different ways, branching from R&B to Italo. This makes for a B2B that will dive into music from all corners of the globe, with a shared love for for 80’s House and vinyl. Two DJs with their own distinct sounds, which will undoubtedly lead to a cohesive yet versatile set! We asked them both some questions to dive deeper into what makes them tick.

Check out the full article at Bound45’s website – https://bound45.net/2024/03/01/behind-the-decks-with-eileen-mowgli/