Kimmah Digital Tsunami interview and podcast:

You might know Kimmah (a.k.a Kim Nguen) as an up-and-coming DJ who’s making waves in the Netherlands and beyond. Her sonic perception is distinguished by high-energy ventures through breaks, acid, bass, and surprising bridges that connect. She’s representing a versatile approach behind the decks while keeping the dancefloor experience real and conscious. Kim has been an inspiring figure in developing guidelines for safer dancefloor ethics and is a strong advocate for increasing the representation of women in the music scene. And we are thrilled to have Kim on board for our DT Podcast series, as we eagerly await her debut performance at DT Camp 2023. While you’re jamming to the mix Kim recorded for us, dive deep into our interview with her. We’ve discussed her upbringing, Vietnamese roots, creative process, experiences in the music scene, and perspectives on the industry’s current state.

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