Join us on the 15th of October for Pontoon Bookings’ one-year anniversary party at PIP The Hague. From 23:30 to 05:00 we will take over PIP’s notorious Spiegelzaal.

Mowgli starts us off with a late-night cruise through downtown Chicago. With both hands on the wheels of steel, he’s dusting off his carefully curated collection of classics to bring two hours of trax that make you jack.

Shifting up through the gears, the Clone dream team Yopo & Just Krantz pay homage to the store’s longrunning Detroit connection with ninety minutes of Motor City-inspired techno that’ll get us moving a little faster.
Then fasten your seatbelts before Kimmah and Pim and Proper push the pedal to the metal with a closing b2b session that’s bound to break the speed limit. Electro and breaks soundtrack these joyriders as they race down the freeway and try not to get pulled over!